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Fertilizers for your plants, shrubs, vegetables and flowers supply essential nutrients to your soil that everything in your garden needs to thrive and to grow.  Some plants need an acid soil to grow in, some need a more neutral soil.  Rose food, shrub food, food for house plants and trees are supplied in liquid form, pellet/granular form or in a spray.

Sprayers, drop spreaders, broadcast spreaders, hand spreaders, dial applicators and hose end sprayers are used depending upon the type of plants you are going to feed or fertilize.  They are used to sow seed, to spread several types of pest control products.

Bone meal and blood meal may also be used to feed your gardens, especially bulbs and vegetables.  Kelp and fish fertilizer are appreciated by roses and other flowering plants and shrubs too.

Your garden soil is very important.  You can add peat moss and organic materials to enrich your soil or to change it's consistency and ability to hold water.  Perlite is added to soils to aerate the soil to keep it from becoming a hardened lump of dirt.

Your garden soil should be tested using a simple soil tester to measure the Ph in the soil.  If it's too acidy, you add lime to neutralize it, if your soil needs more acid, you can add sulphur to raise the PH.

Adding fertilizer and food to your soil will guarantee your garden is perfect for whatever you want to grow.  Specialty soils for cactus, succulents, containers, bulbs, flowers and vegetables have the necessary additives already mixed into the soil when purchased.

Find out what your garden needs and carefully read the instructions on any fertilizer or soil additive to make you don't kill everything by applying the incorrect amount.  Use the proper applicator and you'll be all set.  When you use a spreader, sprayer or duster, make sure to thoroughly wash it before using it again.




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Nothing can be better for your garden or plants than a great fertilizer or food to help them thrive!  Adding nutrients to the soil will result in the best garden you ever had!

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Greensand, 5 Lbs

Greensand loosens problem clay soil and supplies the marine potash, silica, iron oxide, magnesia, lime, phosphoric acid and 22 trace minerals that roses and veggies love for all types of soil too!


Kelp Meal, 4 Lbs.

Kelp Meal is a centuries-old solution!  It contains more than 60 minerals and elements, amino acids, carbohydrates and essential plant hormones and revitalizes stale garden soil!


All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer

A 100% earth friendly, organic, all purpose fertilizer.  You can avoid the stressful "boom and bust" cycle of chemical fertilizers with our own all-natural formula. It's the best choice for established plants because it releases nutrients consistently.

All-Purpose Organic Fertilizer

100% natural Booster Mix replaces the nutrients container plants and house plants used up, so this year's plants get a fresh start. One bag is enough to revitalize 112 qts of soil.



Succulent Fertilizer

Get the most from your succulents, provide them with the nutrients they need to flourish. Simply mist the plants once a month with our ready-to-use Succulent Fertilizer, in addition to your regular watering schedule, and watch as your succulents grow and thrive.

Air Plant Fertilizer

Air plants (tillandsias) are renowned for their ease of care -- they'll survive with weekly misting. However, if you'd like to get the most from your air plants, provide them with the nutrients they need to flourish.


Garden Lime, 6-3/4 Lbs.

Stunted growth and yellowed leaves can indicate your soil is too acidic for plants to absorb the nutrients they need for healthy growth. Adding lime will bring pH levels into a more neutral range.



Energy Buttons, 5 Lbs

Give your garden the powerful nourishment of manure without the hassles. Simply sprinkle these pellets right from the pail for a slow-release energy boost. Rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, potash and calcium, they're great for vegetable plants and container gardens.

Soil Acidifier, 6 Lbs.

Applying garden sulphur is a safe and effective way to LOWER soil pH. Sulphur is also an important soil nutrient for promoting disease resistance and brings the blue out in hydrangeas!



Plant Health Care for Seedlings/Houseplants

Start your seedlings off right, with a healthy diet of Plant Health Care. This balanced formula contains a 6-12-6 fertilizer, plus humus, amino acids, and vitamins to make seedlings stocky and disease  resistant.

Orchid Pure Water Fertilizer

Very popular among serious orchid growers for all types of orchids, this fertilizer is specially formulated using nitrogen primarily in its nitrate form, which is the form most available to orchids for efficient plant utilization. Developed at Michigan State University, it contains all the nutrients that orchids need to thrive.


Orchid Tap Water Fertilizer

Contains all the nutrients that orchids need to thrive, including micronutrients and trace elements.​ It can also be used on container plants and houseplants. This version is especially good if you are using well water or municipal tap water to water your orchids.




Gardener’s Best® Flower Fertilizer

Treat your flowers to our 100% organic slow-release fertilizer. It's rich in phosphorus (5-7-4) to promote strong root growth and healthier, more drought-resistant plants for prolific, long-lasting blooms.




Transplant Fertilizer Kit

Our Transplant Fertilizer Kit received rave reviews by our product testers, located in a variety of climates across the country. They found that roses planted with the kit were healthier and had more impressive blooms than roses planted without it



Container Booster Mix, 6 Qts.

Why throw out the soil in last year's containers? Our organic Booster Mix replaces the nutrients that the plants used up, so this year's plants get a fresh start. One bag is enough to revitalize 96 dry quarts of soil — at big savings for you!



Elevated Garden Booster Kit

Kit includes two 6-quart bags of Booster Mix (compost, Chilean nitrate, black rock phosphate and other organic nutrients) and a 1 pound shaker of our organic All-Purpose Fertilizer (5-5-5). Recharges 148 quarts of soil.




Organic Berry Fertilizer

Provide your berry plants with all of the nutrients they need and look forward to your biggest, tastiest and best harvest. This organic fertilizer is ideal for in-ground garden beds as well as raised beds and containers.





Blossom Set Spray, 8 Oz.

Get a bigger tomato harvest and enjoy your first fruits up to three weeks earlier! Blossom Set Spray helps blossoms set fruit, even in poor weather. The resulting tomatoes will be meatier and have fewer seeds, too. This ready-to-use spray also works for beans, cucumbers, eggplants, melons, okra, peppers, strawberries and grapes.


Worm Bomb ™

Worm Bombs make it easy to grow beneficial worms and establish worm colonies in your garden, planters, raised beds or compost pile. Ready-to-hatch cocoons of up to six types of worms are contained in small clay balls (Vermipods) that makes them easy to handle and store.

NPK Test Kit

If your plants are looking sickly and stunted, but no pests are evident, poor nutrition may be to blame. This NPK Soil Test Kit tells you exactly which fertilizer you need – nitrogen, phosphorus or potassium.

PHC® All-Purpose

More than a fertilizer, Plant Health Care® is an incredibly potent, water-soluble formula that is packed with organic biostimulants, micronutrients and beneficial bacteria that improve soil and produce lusher flowers and bigger, tastier vegetables.

Flower Window Box Success Kit

Our Flower Window Box Success Kit provides the optimal combination of planting mix and fast-acting nutrients for your biggest and most colorful window box blooms.


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