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Summer Is Here!

Grow your own vegetables, fruits and herbs!  Purchase seeds or try live vegetable plants and fruits, you save on your grocery bill and don't even have to drive to buy them.

The Garden Time Online Garden Shops have great sales just to help you stretch your budget! The sales are not only there but on the Sales Page too!  Perennial summer bulbs are on sale now and you can pre-order your fall planted bulbs now too, stock up on summer home and garden supplies and take advantage of the terrific prices on garden accessories & tools, treat yourself and save some cash!  Whew!  We stock over 400 "green" products throughout the Garden Time Online Shops that will reduce your utility bills too!  

Take advantage of deals you won't see again!  None of us have as much, if any, extra cash for the garden this year.  Shop here at Garden Time Online, you can get free shipping and huge discounts from many of our partners!

Don't forget to make your outdoor space pest free!  Prepare your shrubs and gardens with our selections of pest-free products and you'll be on your way!  Browse our Pest Shop and see how easy it can be!


Plan And Design Your Dream Garden In 3 Simple Steps!

1) Find your Hardiness Zone and know your growing conditions. Browse your State page to find out your zone and learn what plants thrive where you live. Then get more detailed information in any one of the Plant Information categories from the menu above.   Pick your favorites!

2) Plan and design your garden with free, detailed information from start to finish for whatever plants you like for wherever you want to plant them!

3) Visit our Online Nursery to see hundreds of gorgeous images of the stock we have available for you. All our nursery stock is guaranteed to grow!     Everything you need to create, grow and to decorate your garden is right here in Garden Accessories!

Bulb Sale!

Order yours  now during our special pre-season sale in the Perennial Shop or the Bulb Shop!  All plants & bulbs will ship at the perfect time for you to plant we  guarantee every item to grow and thrive to your satisfaction!


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Our Labra Cadabra aka "Labby"


It's always SALE TIME, special deals galore on everything, prices are drastically slashed, Spring Clearance Sale and Summer Preview items are at low, low, low prices!

The Garden Time Online shops are  open 24/7 and new stock has arrived!  Hurry before supplies run out!



Everything here is on sale and/or marked for clearance in the Special Offers Shop and there are lots of great deals in all the Garden Shops at Garden Time Online too! 

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